How to structure the morning to invest in yourself

I am that person.

When someone jumps a queue, I always like to give a free queueing lesson.
“Would you mind queueing” has got me praises and put me in trouble more than once.
I love to offer my place to someone in a rush: the smile repays the wait tenfold.
But when someone jumps ahead without any communication, it’s stronger than me.
I’ve been waiting for my turn, and now my turn is no more.
“Would you mind queueing” is like an existential affirmation.
“I exist”.

I can’t believe I used to let everyone push in ahead of me for years – without even noticing.

How to structure your day for failure

For a long time, my day followed this structure:

not invest in yourself

Going to the gym, reading, meeting new people, learning a new skill, meditating, open an Etsy shop, you name it. All those self investment activities that will have a long term impact on my wellbeing and development were left last, competing with each other for the little energy left.

Looks familiar?

This structure sets your day for disappointment.

As humans, we tend to overestimate our brain capacity. But with limited daily willpower and the attention span of a goldfish, it’s difficult to be disciplined, creative, and motivated after spending a day staring at a screen.

You are letting someone else have the most succulent dishes, and feeding yourself the leftovers.

Whenever I follow this structure, I can never look after myself.
I stop going to the gym, I never make my own bed, I never manage to read, I stop following up with people, I feel tired and frustrated. I put myself last. I let everything else and everyone else jump the queue.

gym morning habit
Create a morning ritual to win the day

When it comes to your time, you make the rules.
Put yourself first, and you’ll start a positive domino effect.
No matter what happens at work, every day will be amazing: you’ll have made yourself your own priority and moved a little closer to your personal goals.

This is how a self-prioritised structure looks like:
invest in yourself morning habit

When I follow this structure, I never have a bad day.
I go to the gym every single workweek, I make my bed every morning, I meditate, I listen to an audiobook and a podcast, and I alternate reading and writing. By 8:30, it’s an amazing day.
The rules are simple: no emails, no social media. It’s private time.
This makes is easier to build healthy habits. Bonus points.

As little as 30 minutes a day can add up to unexpected results: prioritising my self-investment time, I was able to put on over 3 kg (7 lb) of muscle mass in 6 weeks and read 31 books in 12 months. The year before I read 9.

Starting your day right also gives you three added bonuses:

  • A lot more energy during the day.
  • Waking up becomes a joy, not a pain.
  • You’ll be free in the evenings. No more battles between napping and reading.

Good morning!

What is that one personal goal you’ve been postponing for a while?
Send me an email and share your goals with me. I’ll keep them between the two of us!

— Matt

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