Cancellations and Refunds


Cancellation and Refund Policy.

All agreements and contracts are binding.

I offer a 15 day money back guarantee on your first coaching session, should you not be satisfied. No questions asked.

However, I do not offer refunds when a session is cancelled by you or not attended.
Unused weekly sessions are not refundable and do not cumulate, unless I agree to do so on a case by case basis.

When cancellations are an option, it allows the lazy part of your brain to postpone things and think you can always cancel. This gets in the way of you making a real commitment to yourself, and making the most out of the programme.
It is YOUR decision to fully invest your time and money in working with me, so think about it carefully and decide if I’m the right coach for you. If you’re ready to go ahead, let’s make it a 100% commitment. I will put in the passion and drive to support you and your business.

Should you need to reschedule a coaching session, please aim to give me 48 hours notice.
I understand when life isn’t always predictable, but it is important that YOU make yourself a priority to receive the full benefits of this programme.