The Goalsetting Handbook


Move in the right direction.
Then accelerate.

If you have dreams and aspirations, and are determined to see your goals come true,
this free guide is for you.

It will teach you the principles of setting powerful goals that you will stick to, and share the techniques successful entrepreneur use
to stay motivated.
Set yourself up for success
right from the start.

Theory meets practice.

Putting together goalsetting principles and the experience of inspiring entrepreneur, the Goal Setting Handbook is not just theory, but a framework that works for any objective.

grant-cardone stay motivated
Grant Cardone

“Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison.”

john-lee-dumas stay motivated
John Lee Dumas

“I think of the bigger picture, of how the ripple effect I do is going to impact the world.”

In the book.

Why you should set goals.

Learn how you can have a GPS for your life by setting the right goals.

Good goals vs bad goals.

Real-life examples of goals that are set for success vs destined for failure.

Impact your own life.

A proven technique to create holistic goals that over time will change your life for the better.

Your legacy.

Make sure your goals positively impact the people around you, without changing them.