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“I never have time to work on what’s important.”

Make serious progress by lunchtime, and go from Overworked to Overachiever.

It’s the end of another long day.

You have nothing to show for it but a full inbox, a growing list of tasks, and the grave realisation that at some point you’ll have to go to sleep. You’ve worked all day and yet…you haven’t made any progress.

What happened?

Every time you sit in front of your laptop, a list of endless todos hijacks your time, destination: nowhere.

You knew exactly what you wanted to accomplish today. But then. Clients to reply to. Slack messages to answer. Your team mate needs that file. And then another one. The phone pings. Lunchtime. A meeting. More Slack. By the time you get to focus on your own work, you are exhausted, and the clock is ticking closer to that deadline.
Maybe tomorrow.

After a while, you become so overwhelmed you start to doubt yourself:

“Do I have what it takes?”

I see it all the time. The best freelancers and business owners -really smart people- swimming upstream in a flow of distractions, never able to leverage their strengths. In the meantime, a passion turns into a frustration, and they have to choose between their lifestyle and their business. Between impact and day-to-day survival.

I should know. That was me when I started my first business, and I thought that burning the foundations of my life was the fastest way to build a skyscraper.

Take a look at these statements. How many of them describe your typical day?

I waste most of my time procrastinating or working on a long list of tasks that have zero impact.

My focus and motivation dwindle, and I can never predict when I will be able to get work done.

Clients, my team, and other people always come first, and my time is too fragmented to leverage my personal strengths.

My income and business are directly correlated to my time, and I can’t afford to take time off.

I don’t have the energy and time to pursue my passions and learn new skills.

I always work on urgent things, and can never focus on important matters that would grow my business and bring better clients.

The true cost of working on the wrong things

We all have bad days. And that’s ok.
When you’re on top of things, you can sit back and watch it all happen.

But what’s the true cost of working on the wrong things, day in and day out? Of letting the endless todo list distract you from making real progress?

On the surface, it’s just another day. Tomorrow will be different.
When you look closely, you see that your motivation is becoming weaker by the day. Your team is powerless, always depending on your micro management. You could serve and impact a lot more and better clients (in the meantime, they choose someone else). In your inbox, your skills start to rot.

And it goes beyond work: health, fitness, relationships, learning, all come second. Sometimes, you consider starting from scratch.

In the meantime, we are all missing out on your contribution.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping makers 10x their growth and impact: I’m selfish. I want to see your full potential.

Here’s the good news: nothing is stopping you (but self-sabotage).

We all have the same 24 hours. You will never “find the time”, but you can leverage your direction, choices, and performance to multiply your output. It’s all up to you.

What if your average day looked like this?

Imagine starting your day knowing exactly what needs to be done: no need to catch up on things – you set the direction. Instead of rushing through your morning shower, you can take your time to create a morning ritual that supports the rest of your day. By the time you sit in front of your laptop, your processes, your team, and even your clients (!) are already working to support your work and empower you.

By lunchtime, you’ve already accomplished your biggest task of the day, and completed two chapters of that course you wanted to take for the past two years. Things get better every day. And your team, your business, your clients and customers are all benefiting from this newfound growth and focus.

When you don’t spend all of your time firefighting what seems urgent, you can focus on what’s important. On building the future, instead of fixing the past.

At the end of the day, you always have a sense of satisfaction with your day. Progress happens daily, and everyone else wonders how you do it. The endless todo list has lost the battle. Again.

I’m excited to help you make it happen.

Fabio, agency owner and speaker.

Matt completely changed the way I work.
I no longer drown in daily tasks, and I can do more in less time and with less stress, managing more business, a blog, and even a podcast.

Since keeping track of my goals and weekly progress, my learning has skyrocketed, and I keep upgrading my health & fitness with the help of Matt’s biohacks.

The confidence boost allowed me to crush my fear of public speaking: I went from one talk in two years, to being nearly booked out for the rest of the year.

His support and advice have been invaluable to 5x my growth.

Hi, I’m Matt.

I share tips on how to own your 24 hours and live intentionally on Time Zillionaire, The Mission, and Thrive Global.
I work with some of the largest coworking spaces in the UK, US, the Netherlands, and Germany to support empower makers from all over the world make progress every day.

Being your own boss isn’t easy.
Sometimes, you have to do everything. Even getting in your own way.

My coaching programme is designed with makers in mind: business owners and freelancers that create value for others every day.
Through 1-1 sessions, you will get the clarity and accountability to take action that matters every week, so your business and lifestyle can grow together, not in competition.

How much business are you leaving on the table by being too busy to work on the important?

Getting more done isn’t always about doing more.
By clarifying your goals, identifying big wins, and improving your processes, we will 3x your output and reduce stress, so you can stop compromising on what matters to you and your business.

You will go from long days of busy, reactive work to a balanced day full of small wins and enjoyment.

Here are 5 things you’ll gain from my 1-1 coaching programme:

1. Confidence and resilience 😎
2. Direction and clarity 🎯
3. Growth and learning 📈
4. Health and mental performance ✨
5. Progress and accountability 🔥

Ready to step up your game?
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Cassius, product designer and digital nomad.

Thanks to Matt, I’ve gone from a freelancer turning over > £25k per year, to running a successful design studio with 10x revenue.

On a personal level, he’s increased my confidence, my ability to learn and my overall attitude. I now face my fears and take actionable steps to get closer to my dreams, each and every day. What he’s done for me is invaluable, and nothing short of life-changing.

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