Mindful Inbox Management


Get back your email time!

Mindful inbox management to cut your email time to a third:

• Why we spend the whole month of February in our inbox every year
• How to work for yourself before working for anyone else
• The 7 email no-nos that will save you stress and time
• 6 free tools to make your emailing faster and more efficient

…and lots more principles, actions and tools you can use today.

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8 principles to respect your own time and become an inbox wizard.
Reduce stress and limit distractions to take care of your priorities first.
Write amazing emails that will reduce your email inflow and make your recipients happy, too.
The one principle to know when NOT to use emails.


4 actions you can take today to cut down the clutter.
Find all your unwanted emails in less than a minute and stop them from flooding your inbox.
Automate your inbox to the work for you.
Defuse stressful conversations by setting expectations.


The tools I use to speed emailing and improve communication.
Send delayed emails that will arrive when the recipient is likely to take action.
Set inbox reminders to create follow-ups and have the right information at the right time.

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