Maker’s Coaching

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Know what to do next. Then do it.

Balance your life. Boost your business.

Are you getting ahead, falling behind, or just squeaking by?

The answer will change depending on which area of your life you’re looking at.
Most of the time, we play a constant game of compromise, and it sucks. Big time.
Find more business, or learn new skills. Please your clients, or meet new friends. Sleep like a baby, or pay the bills. So much to take care of, it’s paralysing.

This constant, daily struggle prevents you from doing your best work: growth, balance, and fulfilment all seem like a distant mirage. Maybe one day I’ll actually do it.

What if you could break free of this negative loop. How would your life and business change?

Can you identify with any of these statements?

I don’t have the energy and focus to pursue my passions.

Clients, work, and other people always come first, and I never have time for my own projects.

I wish I had around me more people with similar goals to mine.

My current work is OK, but I would like to find a longer-term commitment.

I know what I have to do, but I can never get myself to take action.

The visible secret.

We’re constantly bombarded with the idea that success comes because of some sort of struggle. So we brush it off as some sort of necessary evil, missing all the signs that something is holding us a back: a broken process, misaligned priorities, too much going on.

When you pay attention, progress happens in spite of struggle, not because of it.

Nothing in life happens in isolation: relationships, fitness, mental performance, learning, financial freedom, health, all influence each other in a positive or negative way.
Better health and fitness will make you more effective at work. That will free up time to make better friends. Better relationships will give you more energy, making you even better at work, which means…even more time freed up. Now you can start a side project, which will affect your income. And so on, forever.

Instead of juggling too much, align everything that matters.

How to get the clarity to get started and momentum to keep doing better?
In the world of sports, every professional athlete can rely on a personal coach to push past their present limits, and get closer to their vision of the future.
Most of us rely on our soft skills and mental abilities professionally, every day.
Yet mental athletes rarely have the support of a coach, leaving lots on the table in terms of personal growth, fulfilment, and business.

My coaching programme was designed with makers in mind: people that create for a living.
Whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or part of an amazing team, you rely on your mental abilities to create value for others: you are a professional maker. I can’t wait to hear what you’re working on, and help you 5x your impact, growth, and personal balance.

Here are 5 things you’ll get from joining 1-1 coaching with me (Matt!):
1. Confidence and resilience 😎
2. Direction and clarity 🎯
3. Growth and learning 📈
4. Health and mental performance ✨
5. Progress and accountability 🔥

Ready to step up your game? Let’s set some actions. I can’t wait to hear from you.

fabio basile

Matt completely changed the way I work.
I no longer drown in daily tasks, and I can do more in less time and with less stress, managing more business, a blog, and even a podcast.

Since keeping track of my goals and weekly progress, my learning has skyrocketed, and I keep upgrading my health & fitness with the help of Matt’s biohacks.

The confidence boost allowed me to crush my fear of public speaking: I went from one talk in two years, to being nearly booked out for the rest of the year. His support and advice have been invaluable to 5x my growth.

— Fabio, product designer and speaker.


Thanks to Matt, I’ve gone from a freelancer turning over > £25k per year, to running a successful design studio with 10x revenue.

On a personal level, he’s increased my confidence, my ability to learn and my overall attitude. I now face my fears and take actionable steps to get closer to my dreams, each and every day.

What he’s done for me is invaluable, and nothing short of life changing.

— Cassius, product designer and digital nomad.

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