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Feeling stuck?
So much to do you don’t know what to do next?

When you want to accelerate your personal and business growth, it’s difficult to understand where to find the time and what step to take next.
So many things to action, it can be paralysing.

Get the clarity, accountability, and high-performance techniques you need to see big progress every week with weekly private coaching sessions.

How does it work?

Here’s what you can expect.

Weekly sessions: every week, we will meet in person (or have a remote call when that’s not possible) and recap the week together.
Evaluate and measure: we will look at what’s worked and what hasn’t, so you can do more of what works and train to get over the obstacles.
See the big picture: it is my job to keep track of what we talked about in the past, spot patterns, and dig deeper.
Take action: during the week, you will have homework to do: what actions do you need to take to see progress on what matters?

I get to care a lot about you and your projects and keep you accountable to your own goals, projects and weekly actions.


You will be personally supported to clarify your goals and values, boost your performance, and remove mental obstacles that are preventing you from thriving and living at the level you are capable of.

Is this life coaching?
Yes and no. We will align the different areas of your life so that they support each other rather than competing for your time and energy, then dig deep to the root of what’s holding you back, paint your goals very clearly, and then take action every week to upgrade your life.

Some of my tools include NLP, neuro-psychology, and Socratic questioning. On top, I add my business experience and high-performance techniques.

 Where is this available?
At the moment, sessions are available in Manchester and London.

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Hi, I’m Matt.
I write on Time Zillionaire, and I am passionate about helping others use their limited time in an intentional and effective way. Time is the ultimate limited resource.

Using principles of time management, neuropsychology, and goal setting, I have tripled my output and achieved big goals, and I help others do the same.

My personal accomplishments touch crowdfunding, language learning, travelling, online business, content writing, accelerated learning, and fitness and nutrition.

Find my writing on
Time Zillionare and Quora

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Thanks to Matt, I’ve gone from a freelancer turning over > £25k per year, to running a successful design studio with 10x revenue.

On a personal level, he’s increased my confidence, my ability to learn and my overall attitude. I now face my fears and take actionable steps to get closer to my dreams, each and every day.

What he’s done for me is invaluable, and nothing short of life changing.



Matt has helped me 5x my productivity and set and achieve bigger goals.
Improved clarity and productivity have helped me to take bold action on a weekly basis. I’m now running innovation workshops for design companies and charities with the extra hours I no longer waste!

Thanks the weekly reports, you will get constant feedback and a push to take intentional action and improve every single week.


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If you’re serious about boosting your personal growth, steering your life in a more positive direction, and being accountable every week, this is what you need.

Due to other personal and business commitments,
I only take on 6 coaching clients at any one time.

Click the button below and tell me more about yourself. If I think we’re a good match, I will get in touch to organise a first informal chat to get to know each other.