Busy to Productive

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Understand how the brain works and learn productivity principles to do more with your time.

I now use the principle of “product placement” to stick to new positive habits.
I can make progress without having to think about it.

“I don’t have time”

We all have 24 hours in the day and yet, why do some people manage to run multiple businesses, while other struggle to find 30 minutes to go to the gym?
We live in a society that celebrates quantity instead of quality: how many hours you work, how many emails you reply to (and how fast), or how little sleep you get. Meanwhile, the quality of your output remains overlooked.

This course will teach you productivity tips you can use to cut through the unnecessary, and neuropsychology principles to use your brain’s autopilot in your favour.

You will be able to 10x the quality of your output, and reduce the amount of hours you put in.

Lesson 1

How to read 4x more books next year

Lesson 2

Peak performance: how to get in the zone

Lesson 3

Identify which tasks will generate progress

Lesson 4

Outsourcing and automation crash course

Lesson 5

Shortcuts crash course (on Chrome and other places)

Lesson 6

How to organise your monthly, weekly, and daily progress

…and much more.

Join today for free, and learn how to use habit-forming principles, prioritisation techniques, and time management to cut through the unnecessary and have more done by doing less, every day.


Hi, I’m Matt.
I write on Time Zillionaire, and I am passionate about helping others use their limited time in an intentional and effective way. Time is the ultimate limited resource.

Using principles of time management, neuropsychology, and goal setting, I have tripled my output, and help others do the same.

Ready to triple your output?